Corporate & Portrait Photography

This is where Art and Commerce Fuse.  We will work with you to create unique visuals for you and your project.

Corporate Photos

A corporate photo represents you and your brand. Whether it's at the studio, medical, an event, or on-location, we got you covered.

Product & eCommerce Photography

Improving sales starts with professional product & e-commerce photos. Let's do this!

Portrait Photography

We will capture your personality by using effective lighting, backdrops, and creative poses.


Incredibly professional and creative environment. Brian is a skilled photographer, you will leave the studio happy 😊
Ashley Ottesen
Amazing work! Brian took time to set up the shots and lighting beforehand to get exactly what I had requested. Went out of his way to research the types of roles I can play. So so amazing!! This was money well spent and I’m so happy! Thank you SO MUCH!!
Carlos Neto
Actor, Award Winning Choreographer
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value I am a very picky person and most photographers i went to in the past weren't really able to capture my best side and/or place my essence into 1 single portrait...well that was before i met BRIAN THOMAS! He is beyond amazing. His professionalism, knowledge and care is what every artist should experience when working with someone in that field. I know that i will be using SpinKick Pictures for the foreseeable future! I am so grateful i found him! Thank you Brian!
Alan J. Robert
I find it very special when two artists have a safe space to collaborate and make magic. And one of the best environments is where both people run with one another's crazy ideas and give them an opportunity for breath. That is how I feel about working with Brian. He is open to imagination, he is patient during the process, and he offers his own creativity when sparked with an idea. It also takes an individual who has an eye when it comes to photography and direction. Since Brian is an artist that dabbles in many avenues, he is able to see the human form in a different way than most. He is able to capture commercial or switch to a more artistic approach; he knows lighting, movement, and is a brilliant concept designer; and he is able to offer guidance during a shoot which is very important to a project's success especially if you find yourself unsure of what to do in the moment. I recommend working with this human being if you are new to the industry, if you are seasoned and need to venture into a different evolution of yourself, if you know what you want and you need someone who can capture that idea even if it is in raw form, or if you simply want an experience or product that is worth the money spent. The energy he brings to his work, the kindness he treats all individuals with, his professionalism and knowledge in the field of art, and his dedication to having a wonderful product outweighs any money you could spend during the process. He is a GUARANTEE!!
Cassidy Noblett
Professional Choreographer and Dancer
My SpinKick Pictures experience was awesome! BT you are so incredibly kind! Thank you for your hospitality and everything you do! I thoroughly enjoyed my entire photoshoot process and I appreciate all of the special treatment, direction, and advice! I'm so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with you! I can't wait until I have the chance again!
Christina Barton