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Hey there, I’m Brian Thomas, and I bring a kaleidoscope of experience to your wedding day. From choreographing celebrities to directing feature films and scoring an Emmy nomination, my journey through the creative realms enriches every photo/video I create.

A Rich Tapestry of Creative Roles

My career has been a thrilling ride across various facets of the entertainment industry. As a celebrity choreographer, I've crafted performances that capture hearts and headlines. Transitioning into directing, I've helmed feature films, blending narrative depth with visual flair—skills that translate beautifully to wedding photography.

From Dynamic Movements to Dynamic Shots

Understanding the rhythm of a scene isn't just for the dance floor or the big screen; it’s crucial for capturing the flow of your wedding day. With a director’s vision and a choreographer’s timing, I anticipate and capture moments of genuine emotion and spontaneous beauty, ensuring your wedding photos are lively and full of personality.

Award-Winning Expertise at Your Service

My Emmy-nominated background isn’t just a testament to my skills—it's a promise of quality and dedication that I bring to your special day. Whether it's the subtle nuances of a loving glance or the grandeur of a celebratory toast, I aim to deliver a cinematic experience that you can relive over and over.

Your Wedding, Directed by Brian Thomas

Imagine your wedding day shot with the eye of a film director, framed perfectly, lit beautifully, and captured with a storyteller’s heart. From the quiet moments before the ceremony to the wild joy of the reception, my goal is to create a stunning visual narrative that echoes the magic of cinema.

Let’s Make Magic Together

If you’re ready to step beyond traditional wedding photography and into something truly extraordinary, let’s connect. At my company SpinKick Pictures, we're not just about taking photos/videos; we're about creating art that celebrates your love story in the most unforgettable way.

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Wedding Photography

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