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PS Love Robby

This film centers on Robby, a 59-year-old neurodivergent with autistic characteristics. He shows how he navigates his surroundings and lives his life to the fullest from his unique perspective. Further, as the neurodivergent population ages, "PS Love Robby" represents the desire to build a solid foundation of integrity.


Aging gracefully with AutismSynopsis: This film is about Robby, a 58 y/o man living with autism.It is a glimpse of how he navigates his surroundings while living his life to the fullest through his own unique perspective. This documentary represents an aspiration of building a strong foundation of integrity to those with autism as they get older. It embodies how compassion, understanding and acceptance can inspire the much needed representation, respect and recognition they deserve. That the level of support they receive especially from their families can help build a sense of contentment, belongingness & self-worthPS Love Robby will take you on a heartwarming journey by showing you the beauty of life, a wonderful spirit, meaning of pure joy and most importantly how unconditional love creates lasting impact on aging gracefully with autism.


Directed, Produced, & Edited by
Brian Thomas

Brian Rubiano

Executive Producer
Maggie Sposato

Johnny Tsang

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PS Love Robby

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