On Location - Editorial

SpinKick Pictures partners with renowned model, actress, and choreographer Joanna Numata to create exceptional visual content on location in New York. Our collaboration captures the artistry and skill of dance in stunning detail.

Model, Actress and Choreographer - Joanna Numata

As the owner of SpinKick Pictures, Brian Thomas is no stranger to executing successful photoshoots on location in NYC. When working with model and choreographer Joanna Numata, Thomas brought his expertise to the table, ensuring that the shoot was a success.

The first step was selecting the right location. Thomas and Numata scouted several potential spots before settling on a sleek water based shot by the Highline on the West Side of Manhattan. With its griddy and unique texture, the location provided the perfect backdrop for the shoot.

Once the location was selected, Thomas focused on lighting and equipment. He worked with his team to ensure that they had the right gear to capture the perfect shot and that the lighting was just right to highlight Numata's graceful movements.

Working with Numata was a pleasure for Thomas, who appreciated her professionalism and creativity. With her background in dance, Numata brought a unique perspective to the shoot, allowing Thomas to capture stunning visuals that highlighted her artistry and skill.

Overall, the photoshoot was a success, and Thomas was able to create stunning visual content that captured the energy and vibrancy of NYC.

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On Location - Editorial

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