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"Young Dragons," is a six-part documentary series that takes viewers on a journey through a Worcester-based Tae Kwon Do studio, owned by Grandmaster Karen Brown and her 4 kids who are also master instructors. These young aspiring martial artists, push themselves beyond limits in pursuit of being their best self. We chronicle their trials, tribulations, and triumphs as they prepare for a variety of challenges including annual black belt testing, demo team competitions, and the high-pressure USA Nationals. This series offers a glimpse into the world of martial arts through the eyes of the students and the family behind Hanmi Tae Kwon Do.  Get ready for the groundbreaking series that will captivate audiences and leave them inspired by the human potential that lies within us all.

Creator's Statement

My personal journey to creating "Young Dragons" is rooted in my childhood experiences of being bullied, which left me in search of confidence and a voice. The beacon through this turbulent time was my cousin, Karen Brown, who was more like a sister to me. Our mutual venture into martial arts at a young age marked the beginning of a transformative journey. Tae Kwon Do was not merely about self-defense; it became a pathway to discovering an inner strength and resilience I never knew existed. The principles of perseverance, respect, and a strong mindset that I learned have been foundational in overcoming challenges and finding my place in the world. Karen's unique blend of disciplined instruction and nurturing support was instrumental in this transformation, instilling in me the courage to face life's adversities. "Young Dragons" is born out of this deeply personal narrative of transformation and empowerment. It's more than a documentary series; it's a testament to the life-changing impact of martial arts, as seen through the eyes of those at Hanmi Tae Kwon Do.

Great experience for all students! More school owners (of all kinds) should consider having Brian Thomas for their photo shoot events!
Jennifer Choe
Master Instructor at Hanmi Tae Kwon Do

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