Short Film

Dark Matter

"Exploring unseen realms through captivating visuals: Dark Matter, a fusion of film and photography."

Visual Art Project

"Dark Matter" is a visually striking and introspective film featuring acclaimed dancer and choreographer Desmond Richardson. Through abstract imagery and mesmerizing dance sequences, the film takes audiences on a profound journey into the depths of darkness, exploring the theme of letting go. Richardson's captivating performances embody the emotional and physical challenges of releasing past traumas, inviting viewers to confront their own inner struggles. With its emphasis on visual artistry and self-discovery, "Dark Matter" serves as a thought-provoking and transformative visual masterpiece. To see the trailer click the "Films" tab.

Directed by
Brian Thomas

Desmond Richardson

Original Music
Edward Martin

Johnny Tsang

Make Up
Charles Zambrano

Matthew Griffin

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Dark Matter

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