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Acting4Dancers Workshop (documentary)

Young dancers exploring the world of filmmaking.

A Unique Experience

Welcome to the "Dance & Filmmaking Intensive", led by award-winning director and two-time Emmy nominee Brian Thomas of SpinKick Pictures. This transformative two-day workshop offers more than just learning dance steps; children will explore the exciting world of filmmaking by co-creating their own dance documentary or creative short film. Through fun and interactive sessions, participants will master dance techniques tailored for camera performances, refine their acting skills, and learn the art of storytelling through movement. Join us for an unforgettable adventure where every step tells a story, and where laughter, learning, and unforgettable memories await. This is a 2-Day workshop includes director Brian Thomas & his crew. You will receive the final edited film in the genre you choose below. (footage is also great for your studio promotion & social media posts). As a bonus we have "movie pizza night" inviting the kids parents to watch Brian's film, "Amy's Victory Dance" with a Q&A after at your studio. (we will bring the projector & set up)


#1 Dance Documentary or Scripted Short Film

Option 1 (Dance Doc): In the documentary segment, participants will step into the spotlight as they are interviewed about their dance journey, experiences, and passion for movement. Our expert filmmakers will capture captivating B-roll dance footage, showcasing the grace and skill of each dancer, to be edited into a compelling documentary-style short film.
Option 2 (Scripted Short): In the scripted short film portion, dancers will dive into character development and scene study. Guided by experienced directors, they will learn lines and deliver them on camera, bringing stories to life through dance and acting.This workshop not only hones performance skills but also provides valuable insights into the world of film production.

#2 Music Video

Option 1 (w/Music Artist): In a remarkable twist, participants will have the unique opportunity to refine their performance skills by dancing in a music video alongside a up and coming music artist. Throughout this immersive workshop, attendees will master techniques tailored for camera performances and explore innovative ways to convey emotions through movement while collaborating with a music artist to bring their vision to life.
Option 2 (In-House): Utilizing your dance facility, participants will collaborate with industry professionals to bring this vision to life. Whether it's choreography you have already or a new piece under the guidance of our acclaimed New York City or Los Angeles choreographers, participants will refine their dance skills and explore innovative choreography that complements the music artist's vision.

#3 Creative Short Films

In an innovative approach, participants will have the unique opportunity to refine their acting skills by starring in a creative short film. Rather than relying on traditional scripts, they will express themselves solely through dance movement and inventive concepts. Throughout this immersive workshop, attendees will master techniques tailored for camera performances and explore innovative ways to convey emotions through movement, resulting in a captivating and original cinematic experience.

Schedule Example

•CLASS 1 (1 hour)  - Dancers learn basic acting techniques,
expressions, delivering lines and how to emote effectively on camera.  
•CLASS 2 (2 hours) Dancers deliver lines “ON CAMERA”
•FOOD BREAK (1 Hour)
•Film Premiere of Amy's Victory Dance (1.5 hours - 13yrs of age+)
•Q&A with Director (15 min)
SUNDAY Dance On Camera
•All Groups (5-6 hours - Formations, Concepts, B-roll)
•Group 1 (Group Choreo)
•Group 2 (Group Choreo)
•Group 3 (Group Choreo)
•ALL - Solos and Tricks

Aubrey Lynch 4 reviews Top-of-the-Line! I had the most amazing photoshoot with SpinKick Pictures. Brian Thomas is disarming, caring, and absolutely brilliant at what he does. His experience is obvious. He understands lighting, and composition and knows exactly what to say to get the best out of you. I wanted someone who knew how to shoot a variety of skin tones. He's got that too! I have so many photos to choose from that I am overwhelmed in the best way possible. From editorial pictures to headshots, we covered it all in one go. Whether you're a beginner needing something to start the journey or an old pro needing a new look, SpinKick is your company! I've been in the entertainment industry as a performer onstage and a choreographer/producer behind the scenes for nearly 40 years and this was one of the best shoots ever. I will treasure these images forever and I'll certainly be back for more. See two of my headshots on this post and I have many, many more. Thank you so much, SpinKick!
Aubrey Lynch
American Ballet Theatre Dean of Students
Amazing work! Brian took time to set up the shots and lighting beforehand to get exactly what I had requested. Went out of his way to research the types of roles I can play. So so amazing!! This was money well spent and I’m so happy! Thank you SO MUCH!!
Carlos Neto
Actor, Award Winning Choreographer
Professional! Friendly! Fun! Comfortable to work with!! Knowledgeable about photography but also the art he is photographing (TKD, Dance, etc.). Hope to be able to do so again!
Chris Roth
It is always a pleasure working with Brian, his energy, passion and assuring nature brought out the best in me.
Desmond Richardson

Acting4Dancers Workshop (documentary)

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