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Amy's Victory Dance

Amy's right leg is completely crushed. Her first thought, "Am I ever going to dance again?" Her second thought was 'If I survive the night there will be a Victory Dance'


On May 1st of 2009, Amy Jordan a New York City based former professional dancer crossed the street and was hit and ran over by a 15 ton NYC Express bus pinning her under the wheel, knocking her unconscious and completely crushing her right leg. As she regains consciousness, her immediate thought was, “ Am I ever going to dance again?” Her second thought was, “ If I survive the night there will be a Victory Dance!

Awards and Accolades Worldwide: As of September of 2021, Amy's Victory Dance received a combined 39 Awards and Official Selections Globally.


Directed/Produced By
Brian Thomas

Executive Producers
Matthew Helderman
Luke Taylor
Brian Thomas

Filmed/Edited by
Brian Thomas

Consulting Producer
Frederick Rendina

Post Producer
Brian Rubiano

Music Composer
David Shenton

Additional Camera Operators
Johnny Tsang
Frank Angelcyk
Cristina Piemonte
Mark Cruz

Additional Editors
Francisco Fagan

I've had the good fortune of doing many TV, radio and print appearances and interviews, which means I've worked with many producers and video directors. I can tell you Brian Thomas is one of the BEST I've ever worked with! What separates Brian from everyone else is not only his background and experience, but his caring heart for your vision and project. I've NEVER met anyone behind the camera who TRULY cares about your success as much Brian. If you want your story and vision to be told in your authentic voice and become a message that is TRULY you and makes a difference in the world, then do yourself a HUGE favor and forget looking anywhere else. Work with Brian today! You will be SO grateful you did!
James Malinchak
Entrepreneur, TV Personality

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