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Kids in the entertainment Industry.

We understand the crucial role that professional kids play in the entertainment industry. These talented performers bring energy, skill, and creativity to any project, and their unique talents can make a significant impact on the final product. To showcase their abilities and attract the attention of casting directors and producers, a good headshot and video reel are essential.

A high-quality headshot captures the essence of the dancer and serves as their first impression for potential clients. It should be professional, well-lit, and showcase the dancer's unique personality and character. A headshot is a vital tool for casting directors and producers when selecting dancers for a project, and it can make all the difference when it comes to landing a role.

A video reel is equally important, as it allows potential clients to see the dancer in action. A well-edited and well-choreographed reel highlights the dancer's technical abilities, creativity, and range, demonstrating their unique skills and abilities. A video reel provides a dynamic and engaging way for casting directors and producers to evaluate the dancer's potential for a specific project.

In summary, a professional kid dancer's headshot and video reel are critical components of their professional toolkit. These tools allow them to showcase their unique talents and abilities, making a lasting impression on potential clients and increasing their chances of landing exciting and rewarding roles in the entertainment industry.


Professional! Friendly! Fun! Comfortable to work with!! Knowledgeable about photography but also the art he is photographing (TKD, Dance, etc.). Hope to be able to do so again!
Chris Roth

SpinKick Kids

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