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Bianca Paige Smith, Marketing & Operations

Bianca (BS Neuroscience, MA Contemporary Dance Performance) born in NJ, is a multi-disciplinary artist, a visionary, creator and most recently, Marketing & Operations Manager at SpinKick Pictures. Bianca carries the perfect combination of her scientific mind and her creative spirit, which allows her to work perfectly with BT to make SpinKick Pictures shine. As a performer and choreographer, her work has taken her all over the UK, Ireland and Europe as well as the NYC metro area. When she’s not at SpinKick, she teaches yoga, rehearses and performs at Lincoln Center with the SLMDances collective and manages a team of fellow creatives under her artistic platform B. Create. Her most recent choreographic work, Two Can Do, toured Ireland in August 2019 after performances in NYC and NJ in earlier 2019. Bianca has been working in Marketing since 2014. After starting out as the Marketing & Communications director for a small start up company in Dublin, Ireland, she decided to take her skills into her industry. She started a troupe called BPS Dance, which gave a platform to dancers in Ireland who were looking for work and connected them with clients who were looking for dance performances. She not only organized all of the logistics of each performance, she also marketed them and choreographed in and performed in them! She has since taken this experience to the US and used it to help small dance and arts organizations as well as freelance artists and healing arts professionals to build their businesses. From website development to Social Media Marketing, B is your gal. No wonder why she’s the REAL boss. ZODIAC SIGN: Scorpio Sun, Cancer Moon, Capricorn Rising Fav Artist: Sabrina Claudio and H.E.R (at the moment!!) Fav Movie: Ace Ventura Pet Detective OR 12 Angry Men (depends on my mood)

3 Fun Facts

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Favorite Artist: Sabrina Claudio

Favorite Film: Amy's Victory Dance

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