VERDIN NEW YORK is an evening wear brand with an emphasis on beautiful silhouettes, dimensional textures and sophisticated nostalgia. The collection cultivates a look of elegant fragility with a sophisticated edge at a more reasonable price than other high-end brands.”

And they wanted to portray just that - their beautiful silhouettes, textures and the sophisticated nostalgia of a beautiful woman in a beautiful dress in a beautiful place. No better company for the job than SpinKick! Under the direction of BT, the team was able to capture the essence, the beauty and the true spirit of sophistication and glamour that is Verdin.

“Every VERDIN NEW YORK piece offers a carefully crafted silhouette that feels essential, set apart by distinctive details that capture the imagination and elevate the art of dressing up for a special occasion. The VERDIN NEW YORK collection is available at NORDSTROMS in the USA, at Hugo Nicholson in Toronto, Black Boushiya in Dubai and selected boutiques in the USA.”


Location:  Baccarrat Hotel, NYC

Photography/Video:  Brian Thomas

Models:  Tatjana Sinkevica (Project Runway), Susan Vogel, Olivia

"BT is such a talented professional.  I loved my experience working with him and will definitely be recommending him.  My new shots are amazing and my agents will love them as well."

-Stephanie Scull

(Model, dancer, designer)

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