SON OF A GUN is an example of what happens when an amazing artist, director and production team come together under a united vision. Celine came to SpinKick with a vision in her head of a different kind of dance reel. A cross between a traditional reel and a concept video. And she wanted us to make it come to life on screen. Celine asked us to help vision this video and concept with her from beginning to end.

We knew she would be in the right hands with BT, since he’s been working on dance reels since the late 90s before it was even a part of a dancer’s repertoire the way it is now. This entire video was shot in a matter of a half day and was filmed at the most beautiful bar on the Lower East Side, the perfect place to bring Celine’s vision to life.

She is a true testament to the dance world and to the iconic Sade. The collaboration between BT & Celine was sweet as Cherry Pie.

Project: "Son of a Gun" 

Music:  Sade

Director, DP, Editor:  Brian Thomas

2nd Camera:  Mason Chapello

Dancer/Choreographer:  Celine Berthaud

“He made me feel like MONEY the whole time. I really needed someone to believe in me a little bit more just because I did have doubts going into it… you were able to create such a vision with me. Yes. Thank you so so so much!”

-Celine Berthaud

(dancer, choreographer)

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