June 22, 2020

Since hit with this pandemic the world has changed forever.  Not only are we dealing with COVID but Racism, Ageism, loss of LGBTQ rights and the list goes on.  As a business most stay neutral but as an artist & human I cannot.  I stand on the side of equality for all and until that time comes, we must unite and stand together.   In this series I shot with Joanna Numata I wanted to focus on the feminine energy, empathy, and beauty.  She as my good friend has always been a quiet storm full of goodness and goodwill...something we need more of in the world right now.

April 19, 2020


We celebrated the big man himself - BT - the visionary behind SpinKick Pictures. Happy happy birthday BT. If the circumstances were different there would have been some sort of social gathering, but because we couldn’t do that, the gathering was taken to cyberspace with a surprise ZOOM birthday party! Your artistry and talent are a beautiful gift to the world BT, we are so happy to celebrate you and we wish you many more returns around the sun to come!

April 17, 2020

Somehow, through different lives, schedules and timezones, we managed to get the amazing creative team behind HIGHER LOVE together to celebrate the release of this video with a pre-launch virtual release party. No words could describe it as well as the team does in the video but it is clear how well these creatives worked together to create this beautiful video. They attest it to their relationships and how well they know and trust each other. Not to mention the INCREDIBLE talent they all have individually, which makes for a true power team. We watched (of course) and we thought we’d share with you our top 5 gems from this release party: The concept from the HIGHER LOVE video is about finding your highest love - for yourself and how deep self-care can transform your love for yourself. This concept actually came to the team through our incredible BT, who was the one who taught Carishma how to meditate and that thread inspired the ideas behind making the video be about a journey to self-love through meditation. This version of the music video is not the only edit! According to Carishma, anyone else who had edited the video has not done it justice and when she saw BT’s Directors cut that he surprised her with for her birthday, she knew that it was amazing and they had to release it. Dance adds so much to music and to music videos - dance brings life and energy to the videos - dancers are like instruments themselves! To be creative - you have to have vision, openness and be present to what is being offered to you in the moment. When you come together as a team, especially with different roles, experiences and backgrounds, it’s a priority to be able to be open to the present moment, especially because anything could happen when you finally get together. FUN FACT - one of the locations was meant to be a desert shoot and it actually had rained at that location so much that the place got flooded!- Watch the video to see how GORGEOUS it ended up looking! Finally - This team has worked together before in many capacities and individual relationships between them have been in the making for nearly 2 decades, so what makes this even more special is that sometimes things just come together in effortless ways because of time spent together, not only as colleagues but also as friends. It’s clear that the way art brings people together can really stimulate infinite creativity and it’s so clear as soon as you see the video. Take a look at the final official video of HIGHER LOVE here.

April 10, 2020


We specialize in all elements of the video production process. And sometimes clients come to us and just want our editing expertise to help them make a stand-out reel. This was the case when the amazing dancer/performer and long-time friend of BT, Cassidy Noblett, came to us to edit his most updated reel. BT and Cassidy worked together side-by-side (cyberly on Zoom!!) the whole way to make sure that the end product was one that boasted the integrity of both Cassidy’s and BT’s artistry. Check it out - Cassidy is a star!

April 5, 2020


Though not as we had planned, a milestone memory was created on April 5th where Amy’s Victory Dance premiered(virtually) at the ReelAbilities Film Festival. We were so blessed to be joined by so many others around the world for this special, sold out, cyber event. The Q&A that followed really allowed us to feel the love and support of the community that has come together, even through these unprecedented times, to support AVD and our amazing BT.

March 16, 2020

Our new Photo Packages have been a hit this year! The talented Ray Mercer, who currently dances on Broadway in The Lion King, approached us to do a photoshoot to celebrate his birthday. He wanted to do something fun, to make him feel special and reconnect with himself. We were so excited to help him plan the vision for his shoot and grateful for his trust in us to create something special with him. Who can argue with those looks and the pure joy on his face! Happy birthday Ray, enjoy your special day.

Untitled photo

March 8, 2020


Your wish… is our command! After the success of our first one, we brought our PHOTOMADNESS back and were able to fill the studio once again with so many new faces! We love the opportunity to meet new people and bring new people into the studio, we even had a few dancers from BDC and some of our Queen Debbie Wilson’s students join us to get their very first professional headshots. No matter where you are at in your artistic career, we take our responsibility to make you feel like a star in your photos very seriously!

March 5, 2020


The beautiful Maggie contacted us earlier this year to set up a shoot so she could get some new looks to help support her dance career and we were so excited to have her back in the studio. Like many of our clients, Maggie came to us with her mom a few years back and we had a blast! We couldn’t wait to have her back in and help her to embrace her beauty, strength and grace. She’s a rockstar in front of the camera and it’s amazing to see how much she’s grown since she was only a teenager when we last saw her. Go Maggie Go!

Feb. 25, 2020


Untitled photo

A dear friend of our director, Todd, came to NYC for a short work trip and one of the first things he did was reach out to our team to schedule a shoot with BT. It means so much to us that our clients maintain relationships with us over time and we were so excited to have BT and Todd back in the studio together. Take a look at his shots and you’ll see why. His agents at Wilhelmina Models in LA absolutely LOVED his new shots. We do too.

Feb. 14, 2020


We had such an amazing time at our shoot with Celine Berthaud - she came to us wanting to bring a concept video to life and when we heard she was going to bring a little Cherry Pie to our lives, by the Iconic Queen Sade, we could NOT resist. Celine’s artistry inspired us and made it so easy to bring out the best in her. Not to mention the venue was absolutely TOPS. Who doesn’t want to spend the morning shooting in a gorgeous Lower East side bar with some Sade playing on repeat? Hands up who loves their job?!

Jan 25 & 26, 2020  


Photo Madness January Our first PHOTOMADNESS of 2020 was an absolute success! We sold out the full weekend of slots with dancers and artists from all over the place. We were so lucky as well to have the amazing crew from Robyn D’Angelo School of Dance (NJ) come in to get some headshots. Stay tuned for future projects with them ;). Check out some of our amazing clients in their photos below.

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