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Here is an overview of the Intensive:

Emmy Nominated, Director/Choreographer Brian Thomas & Award Winning Choreographer Carlos Neto Team up for a unique 2 Day - Kids TV Dance Intensive & Shoot.

Pre Shoot:

•Audition Video will be released on our site 8/16 for dancers to learn

•Dancers submit a video of them doing the choreography by email by 8/31. (iphone video is fine)

•Selected 10 Dancers will be announced on or before 9/6

•Dancers rehearse with Carlos & Brian 9/17.  They will also shoot video that evening and throughout the day.

•Dancers come into the interview space 9/18 in smaller groups for one on one interviews learning how to speak on camera, what's going on behind the scenes. We will also do pick up shots.

Post Shoot:

•Now our team will edit a final Short/film type Commercial featuring all the dancers for SpinKick Kids social media. You get:

•You get a High Resolution copy of the Social Media Commercial for your Personal/Professional use. (there will be a variety of them)

•You also get the solo footage uncut in high Resolution Professionally Treated/Color for personal/professional use.

•And The full one-on-one Doc style Interview of your child.

Once chosen the investment is $500.

Choreography drop date 8/16

Carlos Neto Reel


A NYC Film & Photoshoot experience your kids will never forget.  Everything is customizable, just let us know what works for you.   

The documentary style interview (at NYC studio)

On Location Music Video & Photography @yourdancestudio


directed by Emmy Nominee, Brian Thomas @yourstudio

Option 1 - Professional Music Video      

Includes:     •Up to 10 Hour Shoot Day     •Fully Edited Music Video/Short Film     •Latest High Res Sony 4K Cameras + Lights     •Master Choreographer & Rehearsals     •SpinKick Crew     •2 Pre-Production Zoom Meetings

Option 2 - Professional Short Film

Includes:  •Up to 10 Hour Shoot Day     •Fully Edited Short Film •Interview with Kids     •Latest High Res Sony 4K Cameras + Lights     •Movement & Action B-roll     •SpinKick Crew     •2 Pre-Production Zoom Meetings

Add On's

•Pro Headshots/Portraits     •Brand Web commercial for your Studio

More Examples

Dance Short Film

Dance Short Film

The Interview - Shortfilm

Music Video

Web Commercial

Web Commercial

Music Video

Web Commercial

You Get (NYC Headshot & Video Package)

• Your Session will be exclusive for you and a friend.  (up to 3 hours)

• 2 Photoshoot Looks - a Headshot & Commercial look + documentary interview.

• A one 15 minute virtual creative meeting to discuss your session prior to your shoot date.

• An option to select your best shots on the day of your session, or receive via email a link to your personal photo gallery.

• Clients receive unlimited licensing to all final images(s) for personal use.

• You get 2 FREE retouched images 

• A final edited video of your child.

• All chosen final photo's must be processed and/or retouched to give the best quality.

General Reminder About Your Session

• Bring with you a variety of clothing options that express who you are.

• Girls makeup: Not required but recommended.

• Girls hair: Try to arrive with your hair photo ready. However, you will be provided some time if needed to do your hair on location.  We have a station for you to get ready.

• Boys makeup: Not recommended but you can apply light makeup if you want.

• Boys Hair: Try to arrive with your hair (including facial hair) photo ready. However, you will be provided some time if needed to groom your hair on location.

• Please let us know ahead of time if you want hair & makeup artists during your session (separate fee applies).

• All cancellations or rescheduling requires 72 hour notice.

Note: Hair, makeup, and clothing may differ with a portrait session.


Thinking about something fun and different for your dance studio...look no further than Dance4Camera!  All of us at New England Dance Academy were thrilled with our experience!  Brian and his crew were amazing with all of the dancers.  They were professional, creative, and insightful.  Brian worked quickly and strategically to make the day not only fun-filled but also very productive.  We opened the experience up to all levels and we were not disappointed.  Everyone felt involved and included...not an easy task.  The workshop alone was worth every penny and the video at the end was an added bonus.  something we will enjoy for months to come!  We can't wait to do it again!  I highly recommend the experience!        Stephanie Kemp - New England Dance Academy

Mom's Review


Brian has been a joy to work with.  His enthusiasm and professional work ethic make my life as a dance studio owner easy.  My students love when he comes to our school.  His Photos are beautiful and he makes the dancers feel great about what they are doing.  Brian works hard to make sure each shot is perfect!-Trish, Dance Studio of Maine

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