HIGHER LOVE is a true example of how our team is able to make a deep connection with our clients and stick with them through not only the creative process of one project, but the creative process of their career. Carishma is the beautiful artist behind Higher Love and has been working with BT for the past ten years.

Carishma found BT 10 years ago when she was looking for a choreographer for her new single. As soon as they met, she instantly knew that BT was the right guy for the job and she asked him to choreograph for her new music video “Glow in the Dark”. Their working relationship had unbeatable chemistry and the team at SKP became her go to when it came to future artistic endeavours. BT came in as Artistic Director of a commercial for her skincare product, “White Orange”.

Most recently, she finished her new album and has hired BT and the team to direct and produce all of her music videos. Higher Love is the first of many to come. Here’s to longevity in the creative process! We love our clients as much as they love us! 

Project:  Higher Love Music Video

Director:  Brian Thomas

Editor:  Brian Thomas

Choreography:  Joanna Numata

Santa Barbara Producer:  Casey Noblett

Creative Team Santa Barbara:  Cassidy Noblett, Victor Rojas, Joanna Numata

Make Up:  Patrick Ta

"When it comes to directing my image there is no one I trust more than Brian.  He has supported my vision for 10 years and really knows how to make me feel comfortable in front of the camera. 

This gives me the confidence to be my authentic self, he is simply...AMAZING!"


(Recording artist, song writer)

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