the Feature Film Dance Experience @yourstudio!

a new Experience for your DANCERS!

If you think competition is stressful try to do it with one working leg, partial blindness, and diabetes.  After seeing Amy's Victory Dance, it will put things into perspective and inspire your Dancers to "Dance Because they Can!"

We are offering a 1 time workshop with the subject from the movie, choreographer Amy Jordan & Emmy Nominee/Award Winning Director Brian Thomas. 

Workshop Details:

1.  All dancers watch the film at home prior to our arrival. (links below)

2.  You get a 3 hour Dance Workshop with Amy Jordan and assistant Maggie Sposato plus a 1 hour "Goal Setting Class for Dancers" from Director BT.

3.  Brian will shoot a professional SHORT FILM of the workshop, interviewing your, your dancers, parents, and their response to working with Amy Jordan.

4.  Brian will then edit and create a ShortFilm for your studio, using the footage of your dancers in the choreography piece set by Amy, also including your dancers interviews.

5.  Amy and Brian will have a Q & A for your dancers, also a book signing included.

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Former Michael Jackson Choreographer Directs First Feature Film!

Amy Jordan, a Former Professional Dancer Returns to the Stage after a Life-Altering Accident in Brian Thomas’ Award-Winning Documentary, Amy's Victory Dance.

Brian tells the story of Amy Jordan, a former professional dancer, who survives from near-death tragedy to triumphant return to stage, and is now available for streaming on Amazon Prime, Apple TV/iTunes, Google Play and Vudu.

Amy’s Victory Dance has won Best Feature Documentary Feature, Best Film on Disability Issue, Best Editing, Best Music, Best Choreography & Best Message, among others, at film festivals and film competitions worldwide. Brian Thomas delivers not only a funny and smart story. In addition, he manages to capture the physical, emotional, and spiritual journey of a woman defying the tides of fate. The film lets the audience see Amy Jordan's life up close. It shows how she navigates the city as a blind woman, cares for her diabetes, and carefully maintains her physical rehabilitation. Brian captured Jordan's heartwarming return to the stage, as well as the standing ovation and recognition from Tony Award winner and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, Chita Rivera.

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