The #1 Music Video Workshop

Studio Owners/Artists,  Our unique D4C Intensive helps prepare your students for the commercial dance world.  This customized music video workshop experience focuses on teh upcoming generation of working dancers - Your Students! 

So many professional dance jobs are on set for film/television, commercials and music videos.  In the 25 years I've been in the industry, I know personally that there is so much more to know than just being a great dancer.  I will share these skills with your group, bring my professional team, and state of the art equipment that everyone will love.

Prices of headshots alone are $500. and up, why not give your students a full out music video weekend?  Not only do they build new skills but they get to be in a Pro Music Video they can use for their personal reels and an experience that they won't forget.  

Immerse yourself in the total Commcercial Dance Video experience. We take our investment in the future generations very seriously and what better way to give back than to bring the music videos to the studios!

Dance4Camera Music Videos

1 Minute Insta-Reel

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